Sandco for General trading and Contrating Co.


Sandco Company Established in 1997 is one of Insha’a Holding companies specialized in extracting and treatment of natural sand , Our production includes all types of soil ( washed sands,gatch soil, agricultural soil and fine sand ).

We rewarded with ISO 9001 quality certificate in 2006, Sandco own’s seven advanced stations with high quality and productivity to supply the market demand in all type of sand grade.

What makes us Special?
  1. High quality production.
  2. Own the biggest of machines & equipments to satisfy the market need.
  3. Sponsors of some of the scientific researches.
  4. Excellent customer services.
  5. Competitive prices.


Sandco owns a large fleet of Machinery to produce the highest quality of products. It has a large fleet of delivery trailers, and so able to meet any delivery schedule .All of these push our production percentage each year.

To keep pace with the movement of progress and prosperity within the state where the company is about to buy one of the largest treatment plants in Kuwait in with anew technology called Hydrocyclcon cooperation with Euro plan international companies. In line with the implementation of the development plan wave of Kuwait beloved and meet the needs of the domestic market by providing the best quality in terms of products and services.

Quality Control

Sandco Co. own laboratory, managed by engineers and high experienced, employees, our products meet the technical standards followed and approved by the Ministry of Public Works and other International Standards.

Future production plans

Also it creates maximum expansion in the market share plan in Kuwait and internationally with business development strategy by :

  1. Increasing the production capacity for our factory. Reinforcing the quality of the product in more innovative way.
  2. Training the new employees.
  3. Expand our customer’s data by marketing field operation.

Washed sand

Washed sand

Sieved sand

Jach sand

Agricultural soil

Zakat per Unit Company
KD per unit 25.513 SANDCO for General Trading and Contracting Co.

Sandco for General trading and Contrating Co