Kuwait Towers factory (Combined Construction Company)


Kuwait Tower Factory, Part of Combined Construction Company, prides its self with producing good quality and effective Products; we have been in the business of interlock, Curb Stone, and Paving Concrete Tiles since early 2006. We also take much pride in our reputation in the industry as our name and signature is very important to us as a Company.

Combined Construction Company was established in the 2006 with an initial paid capital of 100,000 KWD, this capital has now been increased to 1,000,000 KWD. The company is also currently, a subsidiary of Insha’a Holding Company.

Presently we are embarking on a new and exciting era for Combined Construction Company, as we have Recently Merged with Insha’a Holding Company and this we hope will advance our product into the next Generation of pre fab engineering and infrastructure Blocks for the new age, by Using the latest Machines and Technology.

We intend to become one of Kuwait’s major and most recognized interlock products by managing the industry and our products inventively. Kuwait Tower Factory will ensure this with an emphases on time of delivery, as well as quality end products every time, and thinking strategically in regards to the development in both our products and machinery and most importantly our valued Employees.

Currently KTF have three production lines for the production of Interlock blocks, which outputs 8 different shapes and thicknesses. We also have 2 more production lines for the production of our Curb stone and 40×40 concrete tiles with 5 different thicknesses. The factory has a combined production Area of 6500 m².


• To be a respectable Interlock/Curb stone/Paving Blocks, and building Material. Always delivering beyond expectation.

• To become a well-established Factory in Kuwait

• To envisage trust between ourselves and our Clients

• To procure projects at competitive pricing, provide fast turnaround orders and deliver quality materials all within a reasonable time frame.

Our Management Team

• The business is driven by management teams, who have accumulated a combined experience of more than 50 years in the manufacturing of these products, & are involved in the businesses development, Marketing, procurement, production and administration of the company.

• The management team proactively gathers feedback, identifies changes in business environment, reviews work processes and communicates key learning points and company policy to all staff at regular meetings.

Our Products

• Interlocks / Pavers

– X Shape                              6cm –  8cm                   

– I Shape                               6cm –  8cm

– Rectangle Shape               6cm –  8cm

– Zigzag Shape                    8cm – 6cm

– Hex Shape                        6cm

• Concrete Tiles (Plain/Islamic/Pattern)

– 40x40x4 cm

– 40x40x5 cm

– 40x40x6 cm

• Curbstones

– A2

– A3

– A4

– A5

– A6

– A7

– Curbstone 50cm

Hexagon shape

Zigzag shape


X shape

Steam Curing Chamber interlock

Stock movement

I shape

Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles Stock

Steam Curing Chamber Curbstone

Zakat per Unit Company
229.000 KD per unit Combined Construction Company