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Mr. Fuad A. Akbar Chairman
Chairman's Statement

Chairman Statement

It gives me a great pleasure to introduce to you Insha’a Holding Company, which was established in October 2005, to meet the tremendously expanding demands for construction materials in the country. Insha’a Holding Company is specialized in the investment and manufacturing of construction materials. It is worth-mentioning that Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company (QPIC) is our major shareholder, as it holds 58.76% shares in the paid-up capital of Insha’a and United Building Company (UBC) as it holds 39.17%. Our equity capital witnessed a great appreciation and it increased tremendously during the short period since our company’s incorporation.

It’s needless to mention that Qurain Petrochemical Industries Company (QPIC) & United Building Company (UBC) are part of KIPCO which is one of the largest investment companies in the country and middle east region also, and our being under their umbrella, gives us a strong privilege toward proceeding into fulfillment of our strategic objectives. We are currently endeavoring to exploit the available and forthcoming investment opportunities in the local market, and to move into Arabian Gulf, Middle East and African markets progressively through joint ventures and acquisitions. We aim at acquiring major stakes of reputable companies specialized in the construction materials field, and upgrade them into distinct companies in the region. Insha’a Holding Company, after having observed the market variables and developments in the field of constriction materials, has drawn for itself a very explicit operational and marketing strategy, through which the company will grow its assets and overall net profit and expand its operations within the country and in the overseas markets. We recognize that it is the loyalty and hard work of its employees that have helped to make the company a premier company in its line in the State of Kuwait. Insha’a Holding Company has succeeded in setting up its business priorities in the sectors of its operations and objectives, and now the company is ready to make an aggressive move at all levels.

Mr. Mishary Al Muhailan Vice-Chairman
Mr. Ahmed A. Al-Mosqati Board Member
Mickey Zacharia
Mr. Mickey Zacharia Board Member
Mazen Issam Hawwa
Mr.Mazen Issam Hawwa Board Member