About Us

Established in 2010, GLOBAL GYPSUM BOARD CO LLC is the first to operate gypsum board and value added plaster plants in the Sultanate of Oman, with production capacities of 15 Million sqm for 12.5mm thicknesss plasterboards, 60,000 MT/year of value added plaster and 150,000 MT/year stucco production capacity. We are located at Salalah Free Zone area.

Within a short period, GLOBAL GYP-SUM BOARD CO LLC emerged among the leading suppliers of gypsum-based construction solutions in the region. These include a comprehensive range of gypsumboards and gypsum based plas-ters, as well as joint fillers. With a strong customer relationship management, and dedicated sales, marketing and logistics team, GLOBAL GYPSUM BOARD CO LLC has further ensured the delivery of top quality customer service and strong sales network in GCC, South Asia and East Africa.

We have achieved a distinct competitive advantage by our commitment to excel-lence and to provide the most durable, practical and cost-efficient green and sus-tainable gypsum solutions to contractors and designers.

We also continue to search further for greater ways to add value to the gypsum industry in Oman & abroad. We collec-tively aim to look in-depth into what goes on within the communities and how spaces are shaped in order to develop cost-efficient solutions that can enrich-es the building culture and people’s lives within the region.

We rely on the latest technology in all of our operation activities. We are certified with ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008, the procedures of which are followed in all of our company’s aspects

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the pioneer indus-trial group in providing of green gyp-sum-based solutions.

Our Message

We aim to strengthen our commitment towards our clients, the society and the environment; we aim to cope and contribute to the develop-ment of the building material industry in order to achieve a clear vision that can strengthen our structure and enrich the building experience of our costumers.

Our Objective

Our objectives are to establish industri-al projects linked with the producing of the gypsum based solution in order to strengthen the principle of enhancing value through-out the different industrial operations of the group, in addtion, the shareholders of the group is aiming to achieve the prof-itability, expansion and growth through applying of the latest technology meth-ods in accordance with the latest systems & international standards, establishing strong relations and alliances & strategic partnerships.

Our Achievements