Global Mining Company

Global Mining Company is a Limited Liability Company, formed in Salalah-Oman. It is primarily primary engaged in the processing of highest purity of “Natural Gypsum”. The product is having considerable demand in the country and abroad. Over the years, the company was able to adapt well to the requirements of its providing, by supplying the highest quality of natural gypsum available in the market. Insha`a Holding Co. owns 25% of GMC as a joint venture.

Main products of Global Mining Company

GMC produces high quality and high purity natural gypsum material and natural limestone, in all sizes according to client request. The company also supplies cement factories with raw gypsum to be mixed with cement, as 5% of cement is composed of gypsum. Furthermore, GMC supplies its sister company -Global Gypsum Company- with raw gypsum stones which are burned then grinded into powder then packed into 30 kg bags. Global Mining Company is ready to produce raw gypsum in all sized according to clients requests.

Natural gypsum: raw gypsum is a main element in the following industries:

1 - Cement, both black and white
2 - Gypsum boards.
3 - Gypsum decorations.
4 - Gypsum walls

In addition agricultural gypsum is used to improve and fertilize the soil to become suitable for plantation. Company mine reserve is currently at 12 million tons, and there is around 300 million square meters in the area surrounding the mine.


It is used in many industries such as glass, paper, plastic rubber, porcelain and ceramics, paints and pigments, marble and other construction materials, medicine, composting and fertilizers, cosmetics, detergents, oil wells excavations, purifying of water and gases, asphalt works mixes.

Our Achievements