Global Gypsum Company (located Salalah-Oman) is sister concern of Global Mining Company under same management, is engaged in the processing of "Plaster of Paris" (Gypsum Powder) used for building constructions, and "Agriculture Gypsum" for the Agricultural users. The constitution of the company is in a partnership basis. Insha'a Holding Co. owns 25% as a joint venture.

Main products of Global Gypsum Co.

Powder gypsum of special specifications as per client order, packaged in 30 Kg bags.

Agricultural powder gypsum, which transforms salt soil into agricultural soil and increases its fertility and helps plants roots to penetrate the soil. Moreover, it is environment friendly. It is packaged in 25 kg bags. It is of high quality and purity.

Adhesive material white and gray used in paste of marble, ceramic tiles, stone decorations, swimming pool tiles, and in treatment of wall cracks.

Our Achievements