Bayan Establishment Co. was established in 2006, as a company specialized in production and supply of all types of washed and treated soil according to international standards and specifications.

Bayan Establishment Co. is one of the best companies that conduct treatment of sand and soil in the local market.

The company supplies all types of soil ( washed sands,gatch soil, agricultural soil and fine sand ) .Bayan Establishment Co. is a leading company in this industry operating under the umbrella of Insha'a Holding Co. that provides the company with support and expertise in management.


The company diligently strives to expand its operations and employ all capacities to farthest limits in order to attain best results for the client and the company. The company applies smart processes to increase its production capacity of its factory in order to satisfy local market requirements in the best possible ways. The company also extracts raw materials through drilling and converts the same into high quality products modern washing and treatment mechanisms.

Our Differentials
  1. Excellent customer service.
  2. Accuracy of timings.
  3. Production of high quality products as per international standards and specifications.
  4. Dedicated team continuously strives to attain customer satisfaction.
Quality Control

Bayan Establishment Co. Own laboratory, managed by engineers and High experienced, employees, Our products meet the technical standards followed and approved by the Ministry of Public Works and other International Standards.

Future production plans

Also, it creates maximum expansion in the market share plan in Kuwait & internationally with business development strategy by:-

  1. Increasing the production capacity for our factory.
  2. Reinforcing the quality of the product in more innovative way.
  3. Training the new employees.
  4. Expand our customer's data by marketing field operation.

Our Achievements